Custom Designer Area Rugs

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A designer rug is essential in every luxury home as it serves both a functional and decorative purpose. First and foremost, a rug can be very helpful for preventing furniture such as a table or sofa from sliding, particularly if the floor is made from wood or tile. Rugs can also ensure furniture doesn’t scratch the floor, avoiding potentially irreversible damage. In addition to providing a warm and comforting cushion for tired legs, a luxury rug can bring all the elements of a room together to create one cohesive design. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making it the perfect piece of furniture to get creative and show off your own unique style.


An area rug is the most common and most versatile type of rug to choose from. At Elite Carpet Workroom, are area rugs come in a variety of sizes, from 2’ x 3’ all the way up to 12’ x 15 and even larger’. Choosing the correct size is crucial not only so that it looks proportional to the room, but also so furniture fits on the rug to prevent sliding and scratching. Choosing the right material is a key decision as well, dependent upon individual needs. If the area rug is going in the dining room, choose a jute or polypropylene rug for durability and cleanliness. If it’s going in a low-traffic area such as the bedroom and luxurious material is preferred, silk is a great option.