Yacht owners who want to keep up may have to raise their game soon.  There’s a new vessel coming (possibly) coming to town.

Business Insider reports on design firm Schwinge’s new yacht concept which stretches the very definition of what a yacht can be—looking more like something that would drive UFO conspiracy theorists wild and less like a vessel you might see leaving Port Everglades.


The new “Tetrahedron Superyacht” has a propeller that is extended down from the main pyramid-shaped structure.  The end result of this design would be a yacht with a main body that hovers above the water— allowing for high speed and smooth travels.   

The company itself refers to the concept as “Aviation on the Sea—Ocean Flying Triangle.”  The geometry of a Tetrahedron allows for basic stability and a geometrically precise upper structure to connect to the hull below.  The “Flying Triangle” would appear to actually fly to a sea-level observer.  But the main body would still be connected to the single strut attached to the hull below.  Enhancing the illusion even more, at increased speed the vessel’s body actually does lift out of the water via side-mounted hydrofoils.

It will be sure to grab attention from onlookers—and provide the closest thing to flying on the water a yacht enthusiast might hope to experience.

The added benefit of the body lift is lowered drag, enabling travel over rough water and longer cruising.  Pitch and heave and roll forces would be controlled via an auto-pilot system inspired by the aviation industry. 

At low speeds, the yacht would practically glide.  And at dock, the three sides of the triangular vessel would fold out into lounging decks with overhead awnings. 

But don’t reach for your checkbook just yet.  The Flying Triangle is still just a concept.  But Schwinge cites the technology already demonstrated by the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation.  And Business Insider reports something else that is very intriguing indeed:  Schwinge has its plans now with a major shipyard, the identity of which the firm is keeping top secret—at least for now. 

Just when people think everything has been done with a type of design, someone comes along with something new.  The “Flying Triangle,” if it comes to actual production, will no doubt prove revolutionary—and a must have for those fortunate enough to be able to fade the investment needed to get it.

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