The Sharing Economy

With hundreds of Marinas surrounding the coast of Florida, there is one thing that they all have in common, empty boats. If you take a look at any Marina at any given day, chances are that it will be filled with beautiful boats waiting to be taken for a ride.

The same thing could be said for Houses and Condos. There are literally thousands of units on the ocean, on the bay, or even out in the suburbs that remain vacant every day. Many of these residences are purely an investment which will maybe see an occupant once or twice a year.

With Necessity being the Mother of all Inventions, welcome to the Sharing Economy. First we were introduced to Uber and Lyft where you can ride-share earning extra money to offset car payments and gas. Then we were introduced to AirBNB and VRBO where homeowners around the world are able to home-share. This can offset the high cost of a second mortgage or taxes on a second property.

Next in the evolution of sharing, we have Boat-Sharing and Yacht-Sharing. Companies like BoatBound or GetMyBoat have brought AirBNB to the beautiful blue seas of South Florida. With the ease of an App, boating enthusiasts can search through thousands of available motor-boats, sailboats, and yachts. As an added bonus, they can also hire a certified captain to man the ship.

Imagine taking a bunch of friends out for the day to for some lunch in the Bahamas. Perhaps some parasailing or water skiing. The choices are unlimited as the availability is so immense. For Boat Owners, this is a win-win situation, especially with a captain insuring smooth sailing for their prized possession.

Owner are able to draw a substantial income from renting out their vessel even for a day. Pricing for a mid-size yacht could fetch approximately $14,000 a day to $50,000 for a week. In a month, the generated income could offset the cost of running a boat for the entire year.

While we have been busy updating vacation rentals with new carpeting to freshen up and update the residence for the guests that are to come, we are now doing the same for our Boating customers.

Sometimes the simple replacement of a new carpet to something more luxurious or modern can change the appearance of the entire space. Our customers are also taking advantage of the high traffic industrial carpeting we have. The new patterns and colors for high traffic carpets never compromise on beauty or design.

Whether you want to welcome new paying guests to your villa on the beach, or your 100 meter Oceanco Yacht, Elite Carpet Workroom will install carpeting from the world’s top designers without ever compromising on service and installation. Call today for a no obligation estimate.

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