Everyone knows the flying carpet originated in The Thousand and One Nights, also called The Arabian Nights, or 1,001 Arabian Nights, correct?







Well, this well-known collection of Middle Eastern and Indian stories did commemorate and immortalize stories of Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad the Sailor.  These tales have become part of Western folklore— but the truth is that the legend of the flying carpet is largely, though not entirely, missing from them. 


History of Flying Carpets


Magic or flying carpets have been mentioned in the writings of different civilizations throughout history.  But in the oldest manuscript containing the first of the 1,001 stories—the Galland script–no mention is made of magic or flying carpets.

If you’ve ever seen a version of ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’ in which Princess Badroulbadour and her bridegroom are whisked away on their wedding night on a magic carpet—well that wasn’t in the original version of the story either.  There they were carried through the air upon their marital bed instead, which wasn’t flying on its own but rather was carried by the Genie of the Lamp. 


The Galland manuscript of the One Thousand and One Nights

It is true that magic carpets have made their appearance in some older tales, but one thing is for certain:  the most visible and famous appearance was in Walt Disney’s 1992 film Aladdin.

Most have never heard of King Solomon of Israel and his association with magic carpets, yet his is the earliest known figure associated with them in literature.




One example is attributed 13th century AD. Jewish scholar named Isaac Ben Sherira.  His tale was claimed to have been compiled from two even more ancient works since lost to time.


Sherira’s Tale


In Ben Sherira’s version, the Queen of Sheba had a royal alchemist who perfected his skill in dying and spinning carpets that could hover above the ground.  The queen commanded that a magic carpet be made and sent to King Solomon as a testament her affection.  The carpet alchemist made the carpet large, so that the king could stand on it.


Queen of Sheba. (Public Domain )



But Solomon was busy with the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem when his gift arrived, and he gave it to one of his courtiers instead. 

The queen was heartbroken, and gave up on magic carpets entirely.  Without her support the alchemist could make no more, and the magical knowledge was lost forever. 

Solomon at his throne, painting by Andreas Brugger, 1777. (Public Domain )

But the tales lived on.  Magic carpets have been depicted as means to win wars—with late 2nd century B.C. Parthian king Phraates II flying on a carpet to confront his enemies, destroy them with fire and lightning, then fly back triumphantly to his subjects.  And in another tale, the 3 rd century AD Sassanian ruler Shapur used his carpet to slip into the Roman army camp, surprise the sleeping Emperor Valerian, and abduct him.





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