The Big Game and Private Jets

After the Big Game has ended, the work is just beginning for flight control staff at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport / MSP.   As many as 1,500 private aircraft flew into the Twin Cities for championship game, and what flies in, must fly out.  Planes filled with NFL owners, billionaire football enthusiasts, celebrities and NFL corporate partner executives all fade the cost– as much as $75,000 per hour for this high profile event—and arrive and leave in style.

If you are ever interested in seeing how it all plays out, you can check in with FlightAware‘s real-time tracking.  Last night after the game ended you could have seen an incredible volume of small private jets zipping off in every direction.  And perhaps could have considered that even at the speed Patriot jet-setters were flying, the trip home probably seemed long.



M2Jets, a New York-based private aviation company, cited $10 million generated from the 500 jets used to transport VIPs into the Twin Cities.  This company is notable not only for their jets, but also for their sponsorship of a Super Bowl party featuring rappers Cardi B and Future . 




The normal rental price from M2Jets is a relative bargain:  around $3,000 per hour—but supply and demand drives those prices into the $75K per hour range for a high profile event.  Too rich for your blood?  Check West Palm Beach, Florida based Alerion Aviation.  You could have gotten New York-to-Minneapolis round-trip private flight starting at about $45,000.  But add in catering, parking, in-flight service and taxes and you’ll be looking close to that same $75,000 figure.   The most expensive trip cited by U.K.-based Victor private jet service was a round trip from Bora Bora to Minneapolis– $393,000.



Perhaps you are one of the frequent private flyers who belong to NetJets.  The Ohio-based charter jet company established a temporary passenger service operation directly at St. Paul’s  Holman Field. 



NetJets estimated 250 flights by their customers coming into and out of the region for the game, and once on the ground, they’ll be treated in style.  The FBO, operated by NetJets but leased from Signature Flight Support, features a lounge and bar staffed by 50 staffers brought in for the event. 

New York-based company Wheels Up expected a 40-50% increase in flight activity from the Boston, home of the New England Patriots— and Philly, home of the Eagles.  Wheels Up booked the Quincy Hall venue in Minneapolis for its Super Saturday Tailgate Party.  If you missed it, don’t despair—it was an invitation and members-only party that finished up on February 3rd.   

Perhaps you’re just considering taking a jet for an upcoming event.  There are good reasons besides the amenities like flat screen TVs, satellite phone systems, Wi-Fi, seats that are actually roomy and comfortable, and a menu set to your tastes.  It’s a private jet, so bring your masseuse if you want.  You can even bring your own pet—without worrying about having to fly next to someone else’s emotional support peacock.



Executive Jet Management, Minneapolis, offers the following reasons for flying private.  Use these to justify your trip—or to talk your boss into booking that private charter:

  • Eliminate the stress, frustration and wasted time associated with traveling commercially
  • Impeccable safety and security standards
  • Live customer service 24/7/365 so you can book or change any detail of your trip
  • Ability to fly into remote destinations or any of 5,000 airports for private jets, versus 500 for commercial airlines
  • Guaranteed Quotes
  • Arrangement of ground transportation, catering and accommodations at your arrival destination
  • Security and confidentiality



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