On February 6, 2016 one of the worlds largest cruise ships, Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas,  made a risky decision to set sail from New Jersey to the Bahamas with a major storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean.  With numerous sources days before the sailing warning of waves of 25’ to 30’ and winds over 65 MPH, the Anthem of the Seas thought it could beat the storm.

Unfortunately as the ship reached the Carolinas, they headed right into the storm. Holding approximately 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members, the ship experienced 30’ waves and hurricane force winds of over 100mph.  Guests were sequestered to their cabins to ride out the grueling 17 hour storm.  Passengers compared the feeling to riding on a roller coaster with no seat belt.

Royal Caribbean did skillfully sail this 168,000 ton ship safely back to the Port in New Jersey.  Royal Caribbean refunded all of the passengers and offered a 50% discount on a future cruise.  They also opened up the bars on the way back and comped drinks to all the passengers.  Although the majority of guests exited the ship with some even kissing the ground, hundreds stayed aboard for free at the invite of Royal while the ship did repairs to the damages.

With talk of a Federal investigation and the tragic loss of the El Faro Cargo ship in the same region not even six months ago, Royal is reporting the implementation of a new system to avoid this same mistake from ever happening again.   In less than a week the Anthem of the Seas was as good as new and ready for another cruise to the Bahamas.

With new Cruise Ships being built every year bigger and better than the last, not even 30’ waves are going to stop the enthusiasm that this country has for Sailing the Seas. Elite Carpet Workroom has been working with the cruise industry for over 30  years in South Florida installing custom carpets in the latest styles and design.  Whether it is a grand ocean liner or a private yacht, the team at Elite workroom sets the bar for quality and service.

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