Smart Design, Embrace the New Technology

Today when the word “smart” is used before a product, we immediately know that this item will connect to our Smart Phone and give us a world of information and connectivity options that we have never had before.

At home or in the office, we already have Smart Furniture.  This type of intelligent furniture has many new modern functions. There are tables that now have built in USB Charging stations and wireless receivers. There are smart Chairs that can weigh a person and check their posture.  There is even a feature on one chair that will save you the time of pulling your chair in and out of a table or desk with just the clap of a hand.

In the bedroom there is the smart bed.  The smart bed can do everything from track the number of hours you sleep to suggesting positions that are the most comfortable for you. These smart beds are so advanced that they are able to detect your body heat and disperse cool air where needed throughout the mattress.

Elite Carpet Workroom is paying attention to the smart trend, as the technology for smart carpeting is more advanced than ever before.   Scientists have already developed carpeting that can be inlaid with optic fibers and electronic sensors.

xs_2RFIDcarpetsticker-650-80The electronic sensors are then able to capture and record footprints and walking patterns of the carpet’s owner and anyone else programmed into the system.  Through capturing this vital information, the smart carpet is able to calculate changes in patterns and movements.

Changes are the catalyst for informing the smart system if someone has fallen.   It can call emergency services if there is a detection of a person cannot get up.  The system is so intelligent that it will know when an unfamiliar pattern emerges on the carpet due to a possible break in and will call the police to report a possible crime.

Whether we are ready or not, the future of smart design is upon us.  Elite Carpet will continue to monitor these trends in order to not only to embrace the new technology but also to provide our customers with the most state of the art, high designed smart carpeting on the market.

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