For hundreds of years, leading hotels around the world have been responsible for creating design trends.   A new trend has been evolving from our love of the sea and sea life.  With the invention of stronger materials the trend has turned to reality.

The first hint of this trend seemed to emerge out of the South Pacific with resorts built right over the crystal clear water offering guests a view from a window in the floor.

Today, a mere peak at the water below is no longer good enough.  Savvy travellers want the full underwater experience.  With supply always following demand, luxury properties like the Conrad by Hilton in the Maldives have turned this fantasy into reality.

For about a thousand dollars per night, guests enjoy a dome like room with 360-degree views of everything underwater.  The latest offering is the chance to stay in a room in the Screen_Shot_2016-03-29_at_11.20.25_AM.0.0Paris Aquarium that is submerged in the Shark Tank.  With 35 sharks swimming around the room at all times, sleep may be an afterthought.

The transition from hotel to home is only natural.  As many neighborhoods are not situated on the sea, homeowners have to become creative.  Immense fish tanks are being built around and even over a room to create the illusion of being under water.

These homegrown super aquariums allow for unlimited design choices. Imaging the ability to create a custom coral reef or even choose colors of fish that will match your carpeting.   The possibilities are endless.

Elite Carpet Workroom collaborates every day with architects, designers, home and business owners to create the space of their dreams.  Whether you have a one of a kind yacht or you want to sleep with the fishes, rest assured that the implementation of your dream space is facilitated by the best in the business.

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