There’s an old sailing joke.

Q:  Why did the pirate take the small schooner?

A:  He was worried about miles per galleon.


By definition in Britannica, a Schooner is a sailing ship with sails rigged both fore-and-aft on at least two masts.  Schooners are thought to be based upon a 17th-century Dutch design—with the name “Schoon,” meaning ‘good looking,’ and ‘clean’ in Dutch.  But the credit for the first genuine schooner goes to the American colonies—more specifically to a Gloucester, Massachusetts shipbuilder named Andrew Robinson in 1713.

Schooners, handle well in coastal winds, and their shallow draft makes navigation in shallow waters easier.  Add in the fact that a smaller crew can operate them, and you have a lot of reasons why schooners became the most important North American ship– used for the coastal trade and fishing.  The so-called ‘fore-and-after’ schooners became popular around the world, with today the schooner design one of the best-known styles of sailing vessel ever.  



Late Senator Ted Kennedy loved to sail his 50 foot schooner ‘Mya;’ the famous schooner America won the first ‘America’s Cup way back in 1851.  Schooners loom large in the lexicon of water travel.  But it’s safe to say there’s never been a schooner like Art of Life.




Art of Life is a 350-foot-long sloop concept designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design  featured recently at the Monaco Yacht Show.  It’s a powerful combination of classic schooner and superyacht.

Superyacht designer and founder of Sinot Sander Sinot explains, “For Art of Life, we augmented this classic yacht type to an innovative motor yacht concept for the present day and the years to come.”

And it’s certainly true that this vessel looks like no other, at once classic in design and futuristic. 



“For the interior,” continued Sinot, “we choose to focus on things in life that really matter, such as spending time with your loved ones, beauty and art… a haven of privacy… and exploration of the beauty and richness of the world around us.”



The spacious design, full glass facades, open decks, and private areas offer views all around the yacht.  The stern lounge offers views of the ocean traveled just prior, as evidenced by the trailing wake.  And topside, the flybridge perched on the bridge deck offers expansive views of the world around. 

All four decks onboard offer more amenities, including a fine dining area more suited to a Michelin-starred restaurant than a private vessel, an indoor pool, sauna, hair & beauty, and massage areas plus a big—make that really big—cinema screen clocking in at 384 inches. 

You’ll be sure to draw attention in any port in the world should this unique craft actually built— and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is ready to do just that for you.  And you know the other old joke—if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.


Innovation is evident all over, but it’s most impressive when applied to world-class products like private jets, yachts, and homes. 




Elite Carpet Workroom had made their reputation in this world, with services that cater to the most demanding of environments and owners as well. 

Custom carpet installations in aviation, marine, and custom home interiors means innovation and exactitude.  Meticulous crafting of high-end materials in precisely contoured spaces.  And a strict dedication to meeting the discerning owner’s needs.

Years of successful experience and execution in private yachts, jets and private luxury homes means Elite can bring their brand of precision craftwork to you as well.  The individual nature of each installation by Elite means that each and every job demands experience, skill, and precision and produces a one-of-a-kind creation in the end.

Elite can custom craft an intricate staircase carpet or custom area rug fabrication to your exact taste and specifications—whether for your jet, your yacht, or your private home.  Elite Carpet Workroom offers a custom blend of exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromising performance in every carpet installed and every area rug fabricated. 




No matter the size of your project or where it is—from a private jet or yacht or luxury home; from multi-room carpet installations; to massive custom area rugs; to creations with exotic leathers and more– Elite Carpet Workroom can create it for you. 

Quality Without Compromise.  Lasting quality for true luxury.  Exceptional design delivered with exceptional service. 

Elite Carpet Workroom has more than a decade of custom area rug fabrication, custom carpet installation, custom marine carpet installation, and custom aircraft carpet installation


Precision crafting, peace of mind and complete satisfaction.


Elite Carpet Workroom.  Let us create a carpet or area rug of lasting beauty for you:  a creation that you can appreciate for a lifetime. 



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