If you’ve ever flown the middle seat in economy, straining yourself to see through the porthole just to see if it’s day or night, you’ll almost certainly appreciate the way Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer is looking to change the way airplane passengers connect with the sky.  


It’s a lot better than a porthole.

Embraer, the third largest producer of civil aircraft, after Airbus and Boeing, produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and also provides aeronautical services.   And now, according to Wired, the company is redesigning executive jet windows to be larger—much larger— in the cabin area. 

How large?  Imagine a window the size of a standard plane door.  Passengers get not only the light, but views rivaled perhaps only by the by International Space Station.

Sound good?  It’s a new custom option Embraer’s line of Lineage 1000 private jets.  Pony up an average of $53 million and the light and views can be yours.



Embraer’s VP of interior design, Jay Beever, said custom yacht and home options inspired the company.  Of course, the environment in which a private jet operates is somewhat different- jets must meet   aviation’s strict safety requirements.


“I’ve always believed that we should be able to execute the customer’s dreams and passions in an airplane,” said Beever. “Customers are usually being told ‘no’ because of certification restrictions in airplanes.”


Embraer teamed up with Ft. Lauderdale-based superyacht designer Patrick Knowles.  Knowles– with over 23 years working with major U.S. shipyards including Burger, Christensen, Delta, Hatteras, Nordlund, Palmer Johnson, Trinity Yachts and international yards like Feadship, ISA and others– has also designed private aircraft for corporate clients, VIPs and heads of state.

One innovative feature that makes sense in regards to the door-sized window is the fact that if you place a window where a door was– the new additions won’t add weight to the aircraft.  And of course the details are there—anti-fogging technology and varying levels of tint control, electric shades, and more. 

And even if a $53 million private jet is not in the cards for you—at least not this year—there’s still hope.  Beever pointed out that the Lineage 1000 layout is based on that of a commercial plane.  So someday soon those basking in coach could also bask in natural sunlight, too.



It’s no surprise to Elite Carpet Workroom that superyacht and custom home design features have found their way into private aircraft.  Elite built their reputation catering to the demanding needs of yacht and private jet owners who demanded innovation and precision in creating custom carpet installations in their marine and aviation interiors. 

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