California is nice.  But everyone knows things are bigger in Texas.

And now, after nearly 10 years of building a healthy private aviation solution business—at the lowest price point on the market– executives at California-based JetSuite Inc. are heading for the Lone Star state.

Private jetting has become bigger and bigger, and now, with recent investments from JetBlue and Qatar Airways,  JetSuite wanted to expand.  So when CEO Alex Wilcox looked for a new home, Texas made a lot of sense. 



“You’ve got the world’s two biggest airlines here,” said Wilcox.  “You’ve got massive supply chain industry. You’ve got Sabre.”

JetSuite started back in 2008 when Wilcox—a former founder of JetBlue—was hired to write and later execute a business plan for a small fleet of four-seater Embraer Phenom 100 jets. JetSuite focused on using its new, more fuel-efficient aircraft to offer a lower price point for jet charters. 

“[JetSuite] came in with their colorful red jets, ” said Doug Gollan, editor of the website Private Jet Card Comparisons.  ” Their focus whenever I talk to them has always been less about the sizzle and more about the steak.  Flying you on-time from Point A to Point B on a nice jet with WiFi.”

Passengers like the idea of skipping the hassle of major airports and the long security lines in them.  They can show up at smaller aviation terminals and be on their choice of jet within minutes. 

“For us, it’s still an airline-like experience in terms of the airplane. There’s a flight attendant,” said Wilcox. “But it’s not insult after insult.”

JetSuite touts their suite of services and in-flight experiences as ‘flying that moves your soul,’ and appeals their customer through ‘transparent pricing, efficient operations, acute attention to detail, acclaimed customer service, and industry-leading safety practices.’

The entire fleet of jets are WiFi-equipped.  Recently, ARGUS, a leading jet-information company, rated JetSuite #1 in light jet utilization, and rated the company’s safety as Platinum—their highest rating possible.   For information visit



In today’s world, it’s no wonder that people would prefer to fly.  And that those who can afford it choose to fly on a private jet.

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Elite Carpet Workroom has more than a decade of custom area rug fabrication, custom carpet installation, custom marine carpet installation, and custom aircraft carpet installation


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