Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker, and that extra-long weekend is also an unofficial end to the summer vacation season.  So naturally Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest and best times for going afloat. 

Here in South Florida— with Ft. Lauderdale having earned the Yachting Capital of the World distinction— it’s even more so than in other places.  After all, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show—the largest in the world—is held here.  The Huffington Post recently validated the “Yachting Capital” name, too.  And for those who love to fish from their boats, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission claims Florida as “the fishing capital of the world.”  Strictly pleasure boating?  Wikipedia refers to Ft. Lauderdale as the “Venice of America,” due to the myriad of canals and channels dotted with boats. 



So it’s no surprise that there are literally hundreds of Labor Day Weekend events.  All black attire affairs.  All white attire affairs.  Yacht and sailboat races all over the state.  A simple online search turns up tons to do over the weekend. 

But what if you wanted to start your own marine tradition?  What if you’re more of a leader than a joiner?  What if you wanted to start a boating event that might last for decades—or even over a hundred years– like the Harvard-Yale Regatta, which just celebrated its 153rd year?


Poker Run

Well, you could start your own Poker Run.  The race does not always go to the swift.  Well, it does in a regular race.  But in a poker run, the prize goes to the boat that gets there with the best poker hand. You set up a series of stops that each participant must make.  At each stop, a card is dealt to each boat.  At the end of the day, the boat arriving dead last can come in first place—if they have the goods.

Too much work?  Then check out Poker Runs America.  You’ll see all kinds of existing events in which you can participate.

Fireworks From Your Vessel

Leave the fireworks to the professionals, while you get the best seat in the house.  Fireworks are almost always set off—wherever possible—over water.  So that means you can get closer to the action the can landlubbers.  And no worries about traffic jams, either.  There are fireworks displays all across the country you can watch from a boat, and of course lots of events right here in Florida, too


Fishing Tournaments

You might prefer boating on the big water for the big fish, or you might be someone looking for lunkers in a Florida lake or in the Everglades.  Either way, there are tournaments galore for Labor Day Weekend.  And there’s also the cap of one of the biggest freshwater fishing tournaments anywhere—the $500,000 CCA Florida Star, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend.   


Serious Boat Trip

So, hey, it’s Florida, right?  That means there are lots of islands within 3 day trip time.  Bahamas.  Florida Keys.  Chokoloskee.  Turks & Caicos.  Location, location, location means you can think a little bit more exotic with a well-planned soiree. 



Extreme Adventure

Any day on a boat is a good day, right?  But you can get your adrenaline pumping with some more extreme adventures:  Shark fishing; diving; kite sailing from an island to which you’ve navigated.  An Extreme Boating Adventure might be just the ticket to cap off your summer and allow you to rejoin the regular world come Tuesday. 



Is it past Labor Day?  No worries.  You can start planning now for one of these 3 Boating Getaways.  It’s never too early to plan, and with warm weather places, you can go boating almost anytime. 

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