It was 1986 and my neighbor and I were getting ready to go off to the same University in Pennsylvania.  As I was packing the dorm necessities like a beat up old lamp I found in my basement and a mini-fridge my dad bought at a yard sale, my neighbor was rolling up an antique embroidered area rug to decorate her room with.

My initial reaction, as well as everyone else’s was simple. She is crazy! Why decorate a dorm room? We are supposed to be studying and slumming! Fast-forward six months into our freshman year and my friends Dorm Room was not only the talk of the campus; it was a space where we all wanted to be.

While it may have seemed crazy thirty years ago to have a glamorous, beautifully decorated room while away at school, in todays Instagram-Driven world of Style and Design, the Decorated Dorm room is the new norm.

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It is no longer unusual for Elite Carpet Workroom to get a call from a client to install custom carpeting in their daughter’s on campus suite.  Of course that carpet will match the custom draperies, bed linens and towels that have already been acquired.

With the increasingly high expense of a College Education nowadays, savvy students are demanding accommodations that match their premium experience.  This is definitely not your momma’s student housing.

Universities like BU and MIT offer Ball Pits and Climbing Walls while Rutgers tempts students with an Ice Cream Parlor and State-Of-The-Art Gym.  A recent Bloomberg analysis of student housing in the USA shows there are more housing with access to pools, tanning salons, and beach volleyball courts than there are with Study Rooms.

With a trend this popular, retailers have lined up to offer “Dorm Décor” merchandise targeted to an eager to buy millennial.  Social Media Outlets let students show off their new posh rooms on campus and get ideas and inspirations from all over the world. Roomies can even start coordinating designs long before they have ever met.

At Elite Carpet Workroom, we are all about style and design.  We are always standing by ready to bring an inspiration to life. Whether it is a student wanting the most glamorous room on Campus or a Mom that just wants to make sure her child feels at home, Elite Carpet Workroom is only a call away.









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