Magellan Jets, based in Boston, describes themselves as:

…a private aviation solution provider built on a foundation of integrity, reliability, and trust. Founded in 2008, Magellan Jets’ innovative model offers jet-specific memberships and on-demand charter services designed to provide the freedom and exceptional personalized service that private travelers expect.

Since 2018 marks Magellan’s 10th anniversary, and since it is also peak college campus tour time, Magellan is marking the occasion by offering a 10-hour jet card.  

Yes, that’s right.  While many college-bound students might count themselves lucky to have a 10-hole sandwich shop punch card, the Magellan 10-hour jet card offers something more.  Needless to say, while it’s designed for the benefit of future college students, this card is specifically aimed at parents wanting to ensure their children are able to visit any campus they wish.

After all, there’s no substitute for an in-person campus visit in order to make the best decision for the collegiate destination.  And that visit can now be made on a private jet, no matter how far away the campus might be.

Parents just tell Magellan Jets the colleges they have in mind, and the Magellan flight support team arranges an exact itinerary for those schools, with tour dates, pick-up and drop-off services, and more.  Magellan even has a college concierge on-board, courtesy their partnership with Top-Tier Admissions. So flight time can be used asking all the important questions before the important choice.

It’s a fact.  While every parent is typically short on time, adding in college visits with their child heightens the time crunch.  For those with the means, Magellan makes it possible to visit almost anywhere: their private jets can access more airports than commercial planes.  And with no going through security and long loading onto commercial aircraft, customers can even visit more than one school per day.

Of course, all of this comes with a price:  the 10-hour College tour card starts at $57,000.  That price can vary, of course, depending on the type of aircraft selected and the final locations chosen to visit.

So Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale are all together geographically—roughly speaking anyway.  But an enterprising family can target both the east coast elite schools as well as west-coast standouts like Stanford and UCLA.  

Says Magellan:

“As part of their solutions for life offering, Magellan Jets is giving parents the opportunity to be there every step of the way in the most important decision of their child’s life. 

Are there any other perks on board for the 1% capable of investing $60K towards college tours?  No promises, but Magellan does say “college specific items on-board,” so a collegiate-branded hoodie is definitely not out of the question.

Interested in purchasing?  Call 617-328-5387 or visit:

Private jets offer a real solution to one of the most pressing issues on people:  time. Time is money, and for a certain income level or above, the investment into a private jet is more than offset by the time savings.  Not to mention the convenience and comfort.

Elite Carpet Workroom understands the private jet market, as well as private jets themselves.

Elite built their reputation catering to the demanding needs of yacht and private jet owners who demanded innovation and precision in creating custom carpet installations in their marine and aviation interiors.  

So it was only natural for Elite to leverage this experience into luxury homes as well.  They keyword for private aircraft is craft—these jets are not off-the-rack by any means. Interiors are typically done in a precision fashion, and craft means custom.  The individual nature of each installation by Elite means that each and every job demands experience, skill, and precision and produces a one-of-a-kind creation in the end.




Elite can custom craft an intricate staircase carpet or custom area rug fabrication to your exact taste and specifications—whether for your jet, your yacht, or your private home.  Elite Carpet Workroom offers a custom blend of exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromising performance in every carpet installed and every area rug fabricated.  

No matter the size of your project or where it is—from a private jet or yacht or luxury home; from multi-room carpet installations; to massive custom area rugs; to creations with exotic leathers and more– Elite Carpet Workroom can create it for you.  

Quality Without Compromise.  

Lasting quality for true luxury.  

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Elite Carpet Workroom has more than a decade of custom area rug fabrication, custom carpet installation, custom marine carpet installation, and custom aircraft carpet installation.  

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