Staircases & Stairrods

Designers around the world have made Michael Bouchard their installer of choice for handling their client’s custom staircase coverings. As a master in this fine art, he takes special pride in his bevel and miter abilities/skills to create a perfect flow of pattern and smooth curvatures. You will see some eye-catching samples in our staircase section of our photo gallery.

There is something about the fluidity of the spiral shape that proves pleasing to the eye.  Certainly the curves building outward upon themselves yield interest to what might otherwise be a building that is merely blocky and geometric.  What

Not everyone—even architects—could be blamed for not knowing the name of the man dubbed “The Father of the Skyscraper.”  But indeed one man,   after designing more than 200 tall buildings across the Midwest, was called just this.  Frank Lloyd