Cleaning & Restoration

Our state of the art workroom, equipped with one of the largest work decks in the U.S., is perfectly suited to meet the cleaning, restoration needs, and repair of most area or hand knotted rugs.

Other services include hot water extraction, deodorization and spot cleaning. Both in-house and pick-up services are available for your clients.

Fabric & Carpet Protection using methods approved and best used in the industry are also offered.

California is nice.  But everyone knows things are bigger in Texas. And now, after nearly 10 years of building a healthy private aviation solution business—at the lowest price point on the market– executives at California-based JetSuite Inc. are heading

There is something about the fluidity of the spiral shape that proves pleasing to the eye.  Certainly the curves building outward upon themselves yield interest to what might otherwise be a building that is merely blocky and geometric.  What

Not everyone—even architects—could be blamed for not knowing the name of the man dubbed “The Father of the Skyscraper.”  But indeed one man,   after designing more than 200 tall buildings across the Midwest, was called just this.  Frank Lloyd