Elite Carpet Workroom has been fortunate enough to work on many projects installing custom carpeting to luxury yachts and airplanes. We have seen our share of some of the most amazing, modern and forward thinking designs that are on the ocean and in the air.


The newest concept car from Rolls-Royce may be one of the most amazing luxury vehicles that we will eventually see on our roads. With the current trends in automotive design being autonomous self-driving vehicles, Rolls-Royce did not want to get left behind. This month in London, the new Autonomous 103EX was unveiled to the delight of automotive and luxury enthusiasts. With a length of almost 20 feet, the 103EX is something out of a movie set in another world. Equipped with every luxury possible, the 103EX will feature a couch instead of regular car seats draped in some in a caressing silk fabric. The floor of the car will feature a plush carpet that makes you feel like you are stepping onto a cloud.

After stowing your custom Rolls-Royce luggage into the electric self-stowing luggage compartment, the roof will open up for a seamless entry to this sanctuary on wheels.



Named after the British Actress Eleanor Thornton, the original model for the now-famous hood ornament, the virtual companion Eleanor will be your companion on this journey. Eleanor will be able to do everything from driving you to your destination in style to retrieve emails, check stocks, or play a symphony through the state-of-the-art sound system.

The Dashboard is replaced with what seems to be a holographic display where Eleanor will display all your requested information, maps all while having a video conversation with a loved one on the other side of the world.

Until the new 103EX rolls out on the road in the not so near future, we will continue to enjoy the marvels that are on the sea and in the air. Elite Carpet Workroom installs carpeting in luxury homes, yachts, and airplanes.

The Elite Carpet Workroom Team is renowned for its ability to meet the highest standards and most complex demands of design, quality, and service for the most discerning customers. Contact us today and let us show you the Elite difference.

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